VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. That means routing your calls over the Internet versus a landline-based telephone system.

Voice over IP Solutions are becoming the communications standard for businesses.  Advances in technology make VoIP an affordable solution even for Small Businesses.

The list to the right are just a few of the advantages VoIP systems can provide.

Business VoIP services fall into two categories: small business and enterprise.

Small Business VoIP Services

KANDU-IT provides small businesses VoIP services, typically managed by a device equipped with data ports and connectors that can be used in conjunction with your internet access routing.

Enterprise VoIP Services

Whether you are a small, medium or larger organization, let us help you choose the VoIP calling service solution that is right for you. Our solutions

  • Integrate voice and data lines
  • Ensure effective VoIP deployment & management
  • Facilitate communication among numerous branch locations & remote employees


Quickly set up voice, data, video, and wireless services for a new way to reach, serve, and retain customers. 
Offer secure communication access to remote workers and branch offices
Take advantage of simple applications for set-up, management, and monitoring
Give employees access to the company network and important data while protecting against viruses and other threats
Reduce toll charges between branch offices by routing voice traffic over the internet