The amount of electronic data stored by companies like yours more than doubles every year. There’s a continual increase in the size of the files we use. Email usage and storage of large graphic files, and multimedia files from the internet are creating an explosion in the amount of disk space needed. KANDU-IT implements storage solutions for small, medium and consumer/residential environments. These solutions focus on data availability, integrity, accessibility, manageability and disaster recovery.

The Result: regulatory compliance, better decision-making and increased customer satisfaction.

We will work with you to implement a solution to store, protect, manage, and move your data while taking into consideration your growth plans, cost savings and efficiency.


We reduce complexity, optimize performance and manage growth by creating a cost-effective, scalable and resilient storage infrastructure
We enable your decision-making by executing best practices for managing information from creation through end-of-life
We move data from any system to more efficient storage environments without disruption
KANDU-IT can implement and manage all of the above as your strategic partner