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The most effective IT network support plans act proactively rather than reactively. But, if you’re like most businesses today, your network is managed by reacting to problems and “putting out fires.” Most companies don’t choose this approach, it just happens. Do you enjoy the element of surprise? Is this really cost-effective? The most effective IT network support plans act proactively rather than reactively.

As much as 80% of all network downtime could be prevented by KANDU-IT Proactive Service Plans. Given the cost of network downtime in real dollars and lost productivity, can you really afford not to be proactive? Downtime can easily cost your business thousands of dollars. KANDU-IT Proactive Services and our computer support will provide you a new sense of business security and provide you with peace of mind, knowing you’ve taken action to avoid the avoidable.

KANDU-IT offers two main service programs designed for full network coverage: Proactive and Comprehensive Care. Please contact us and talk to one of our computer network support professionals today:

Learn more about Proactive Care vs. Comprehensive Care for Microsoft Windows Servers & desktop PCs.


Proactive Care

We’ll monitor device availability, disk space, memory/CPU utilization, backup, and event logs
KANDU-IT will provide an executive summary report at the end of each month
We will handle updates and patches to insure your devices are up-to-date.
We perform preventative maintenance to to help prolong the life of your equipment and reduce unnecessary replacement costs. And, if possible, repair the equipment when it fails. 
License violations can cost your organization legal fees downtime and potentially loss of business. Let us handle your licensing and make sure your compliant at the lowest possible cost.

Comprehensive Care

Includes all Monitoring, Reporting, Patching and Maintenance listed above PLUS

From 8am-5pm (Monday-Friday). KANDU-IT will support whatever IT issue you have related to your systems.
KANDU-IT will handle all of your IT vendor relations so you can focus on what you do best. We will work with your vendors to provide additional services and insure they are meeting your expectations for service and support.