Every day, you bet your business on your network. Is your data really safe? Are your servers behind a firewall and are you running the latest virus updates? Protecting your network from internal and external threats is a very serious issue today. From hackers to careless employees, a security breach can be a very costly issue to an organization.
KANDU-IT will work with you to achieve the level of security that your organization desires to reduce that risk. We will conduct a comprehensive security assessment that will help you identify your company’s vulnerabilities. We will then deliver a security solution to build a solid network framework that is more secure from both internal and external threats.

We will scan and remove viruses, spyware, and malware from your servers and/or desktop computers.
We can provide a centralized, worry-free anti-virus solution to help protect your devices and computers from viruses and malware, and preventing end-users from disabling or changing settings without approval. Don’t be a victim of malicious software , get protected now!
Identifying the right level of security to protect your IT infrastructure begins with a comprehensive security assessment that includes vulnerability/penetration evaluation, assessment reporting and security policy creation.
Need to link multiple locations to each other, or back to the main office? Do you or your employees need access to file and folders while on the road? A virtual private network may be right for you. KANDU-IT can implement a secure VPN solution that links offices and/or individuals to the data and resources they utilize from virtually anywhere in the world
As a Cisco Partner, We can provide your company with equipment from the industry leader and configure that equipment to help prevent unauthorized access to your data, speed up data transfers, and allow you to put the speed where you need it by prioritizing the types of data you use most.
Controlling and limiting access to your network is vital to the security of your data, and your productivity. KANDU-IT can implement a solution to limit network access to only those people you approve.
KANDU-IT utilizes a variety of industry standard software tools to conduct vulnerability and penetration tests against your network, both internally and externally. These tests will help your business discover and define current network security issues and threats. Cal to schedule an appointment and determine where your vulnurable.
How many times have you seen, or connected to an unsecured Wi-Fi network? Unfortunately, many companies and individuals fail to properly secure their Wi-Fi network and leave themselves vulnerable to prying eyes, hackers, and potential viruses from unauthorized connections, or imporoper or inadequate network security. Seperating Guest access and Employee access is paramount in helping secure your data. If you’re not sure if this is an issue for your organization, Call for an appointment today!