KANDU-IT develops comprehensive network solutions based on the different needs of our clients.  As an IT service and consulting company, we offer a wide array of networking solutions to increase your productivity and lower your total cost of ownership.

We will work with you to design, implement, and maintain solutions that best fit your business needs. Let us become your CIO for hire with our wide array of services:


Whether you’re looking for LAN, WAN, SAN, VOIP, or wireless, we’ve got the networking solution for you. learn more
KANDU-IT Network Management solutions allow for centralized management of your desktops and servers. These solutions provide software distribution, remote control, software and hardware inventory, as well as client and server health monitoring. learn more

We will work with you to implement a solution to store, protect, manage, and move your data while taking into consideration your growth plans, cost savings, and efficiency. learn more
KANDU-IT can assist you with the selection, design, installation, and maintenance of the infrastructure of your business: the Server Platform. learn more
Voice over IP Solutions are becoming the communications standard for businesses. Advances in technology make VoIP an affordable solution even for Small Businesses. learn more
As a Cisco Partner, we can provide your company with equipment from the industry leader.
Virtualization enables you to dramatically reduce costs of your entire IT infrastructure across all company locations from capital expenditures to ongoing maintenance. learn more
Securely connect your offices, remote locations, staff computers, and strategic partners to your main office or datacenter to share resources wherever your employees work.