Network Design & Implementation




Whether you’re looking for LAN, WAN, SAN, VoIP, or wireless, we’ve got the networking solution for you.

We use the most credible and reliable technology solutions in the industry for design, research, ROI analysis, and project management.


Whether wired or wireless, or something in between; KANDU-IT can design a network that allows all your systems to communicate efficiently and securely to allow the exchange files, information, and ideas in or out of the office, wherever you are, whenever you want.
Windows Active Directory is the backbone to securing access to files, folders and other assets, as well as providing the organizational structure for managing your computers and other devices. A solid Active Directory design simplifies management which can save time and money.
Virtualization has numerous benefits; For servers it provides the ability to ‘move’ the server between different physical boxes, and to allow multiple servers to run from a single physical computer. this usually saves electricity by reducing the number of physical boxes required to be running and also saves on cooling costs. For Desktops, virtualization allows rapid deployment of software and updates, and can allow a rapid reset of a user’s work environment with a simple reboot.
What can your Network, Servers and Desktops recover from in the case of a major catastrophe. We can analyse your existing configuration and let you know…
What servers do you have? Are they running as well as they should? Should they be replaced? Can you save money by virtualizing your servers? These are just a few reasons to let KANDU-IT install and configure your servers for you. Technology should make your life easier. If it’s not, Give Us a Call
Do too many people have access to files and folders they shouldn’t? Are you confident terminated employees don’t have access to your network and resources? Is your network secure from outside entities that may want to do your organization harm? Does setting up a new employee require multiple ‘adjustments ‘ before they have access to everything they need?
Adding computers, servers, and mobile devices to your network and supporting those assets can be a time consuming task. Let KANDU-IT support your network so you can support your customers.