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The KANDU-iT difference for Intelligent Business Continuity

Simply put, being able to restore and recover important business data after a disaster is no longer enough. KANDU-iT Business Continuity is KANDU-IT’s answer to not only ensuring that your data is restored to its former state, but restored quickly, with little to no downtime or interruption to your business. We’re ready to help you with a custom-built business continuity solution that meets the needs of your unique business. Click here to get started.


When disaster strikes, seconds count. Taking days to recover information and get computer systems up and running translates into money lost and possibly, the end of your business. But, what if your company can be up and running in just seconds? Instant virtualization combined with the ability to backup as frequently as every 5 minutes means that with the click of a button, your business can continue working with virtually no interruption.
Your data is stored securely offsite and is HIPPA and PCI complaint. You can stop worrying about swapping tapes or hard drives, and manually taking your valuable data offsite or home each night. We can provide instant off-site virtualization, so in the event that the local device is destroyed, you can still access your information, onsite and from remote locations.
Data integrity is a top priority when it comes to backups.  We ensure your data integrity is never compromised. Daily backup verification of your virtual servers give you peace of mind and ensure that your backup data is there when you need it. Don’t just hope it works, know it works!
All data is encrypted using advanced encryption technology to keep your information safe at all times from would be hackers. During data transmission and storage, data is fully encrypted using AES 256 and SSL encryption. This powerful encryption ensures data cannot be accessed. In addition to all information being stored in an encrypted state, the data stored is fully protected at all times.
KANDU-IT monitors the success of every backup, and if there’s an issue, we’ll take care of it for you as part of the service. We’re commitment to serving you, our customer. At KANDU-IT we strive to ensure complete customer satisfaction. We have a direct support line to the vendors team of technical support and developers. You can rest assured that your data is in good hands.